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Portable Headphone Amplifier KM01-BRASS

300 units limited production

Cutting the body from Special High Quality material.
No surface treatment of the body, will give you the pleasures opportunity of color change by your own aging, like a jeans!
Surface looking will turn into refined color from glitter by aging.

Designed large sized controlled knob, Good feeling adjusting volume.
Its size draws a line the knob from general size.
Custom made knob Harmonize with heavy brass body.

Exceptional depth of sound was gained from the Dual drive power circuit.
The most difficult parts were selection high quality electrolyte condensers and its surroundings pure & smooth sounds.
Inside body, Amplifier constructs from selected low voltage operational amplifier at first stage, and introduced diamonds buffer circuits in final stage.
Both circuits advantages, realize pure & smooth sounds with real presence.
Audio input Analog Stereo mini jack x1
Audio output Headphone Stereo mini jack x1
Load impedance 16~300Ω
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-100kHz
Rated output 20mW+20mW(32 Ohm load)
Power source Alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries x1
Battery life Approx. 14hours (depending on usage and battery)
Dimensions (mm) W:57 D:83 H:19
Weight 325g (approx.)
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